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Art, Not Apart festival

CrankyBot stall

CrankyBot was excited to be part of the Arts, Not Apart festival this year. We had lots of people come past the stall to say hello and to buy various science and geek things. We showed people our data visualisation pieces (our expression of art and science!) and talked about being able to see changes in weather when data is materialised into this type of physical form. 

We're also pretty pleased with the number of people who took part in our 100 Robots Project. While we were a few robots shy of a 100, we did get a great range of robots. We love the diversity! We're going to be announcing the winners of this collaborative drawing project shortly. Alastair and I are having difficulty picking the winners from the large range of very awesome robots!

I also managed to get a quick squiz around at my follow artists. There were so many great art pieces and performances pieces going on. If only I had more time to check them out. My take away from all of this? Make sure that you pop along to the next Arts, Not Apart festival and see the diversity of local talent.

You can check out the rest of my (very small number of) photos from the Arts, Not Apart event on flickr.


  • One of the younger artists taking great care in the drawing of their robot.

  • Dad and his two young children admiring the range of robots

CrankyBot wins "Best Data Visualisation (Canberra)" at GovHack

lasercut jewellery based on climate data

On the weekend of 2 June 2012, the CrankyBot team teek part in GovHack, a community hackathon to develop applications based on open government data.

We developed a script which scrapes climate data from the Bureau of Meteorology's ACORN-SAT dataset, and then generates an SVG of the data ready to be lasercut.

The script can be downloaded for tinkering at Thingiverse.