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About us

What is CrankyBot?

CrankyBot is a blend of geekery, science and art, based on the joint efforts of husband and wife team, Alastair and Ruth.

We love all manner of laser-cut geekery (particularly robots) and we absolutely love making things. The laser-cut goodies are a collaboration between Alastair's programming skills and Ruth's design skills.

CrankyBot is based in Canberra, Australia but we ship our laser cut goodies all over the world.

The designs

Our designs are inspired by the beauty and patterns within science and nature. We are constantly amazed and inspired by the natural art within our amazing world and universe. You'll see us busy scribbling ideas in our sketch book, slowly turning our scribblings into laser cut beauties.

All our items are designed and created at our home studio in Canberra, Australia, unless otherwise stated.

Why are you called CrankyBot?

The design label is called CrankyBot because Ruth loves Robots and Cranky is the opposite of her nature (although Alastair may disagree!).

You'll also see the words "New Millennium Networking" pop up as that's the billing name that you'll be billed by. Don't worry, it's still our CrankyBot design label, operating under the New Millennium Networking business name for now.

Being green

CrankyBot is committed to being green. Our laser is powered by renewal energy. We use recyclable materials as much as possible in our packaging and our materials. We minimise the use of plastics in our packaging and our promotional materials.