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This is Home cufflinks

This is home cufflinks
This is home front and back

Express your love of space with these stylish cufflinks featuring a pulsar map and hydrogen atom from the Voyager Golden Record. Previously sent on the Pioneer 10 & 11 probes, this image was made famous by its inclusion on the cover of the Voyager Golden Record. It locates our solar system relative to 14 pulsars. The two circles is a drawing of the hydrogen atom in its two lowest states, with a connecting line and digit 1 to indicate that the time interval associated with the transition from one state to the other is to be used as the fundamental time scale in relation to the Record.

These  molecule cufflinks are laser cut from acrylic or bamboo and sits within a polished stainless steel bezel. It measures about 23mm wide x 23mm tall. It comes in a box. Please allow for at least one week for these cufflinks to be made.

The colour of the main piece