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Climate Viz Jewellery - necklace

Climate viz jewellery - the first item shows a Darwin in red acrylic (magnet), the second is Melbourne in yellow acrylic) and the third is Canberra necklace in translucent blue acrylic

What happens when you take the (roughly) last hundred years of weather data and visualise it into a beautiful wearable piece? Climate Viz Jewellery!

The Climate Viz range includes necklaces, earrings and magnets. All pieces are based on climate data from the ACORN-SAT dataset from the Bureau of Meteorology. The Bureau notes that: "The data reaffirms climate trends previously identified by the Bureau of Meteorology. The data show that Australia has warmed by approximately 1°C since 1910. The warming has occurred mostly since 1950."

For each piece, the outer ring is the maximum temperature and the inner ring is minimum temperature. Data was sampled daily from the early 1900s to 2017.

If the temperate data exists for your area, we can make it. Please refer to the ACORN-SAT station data and network for the list of towns and cities that we can make.

Each piece is cut to order. This means that it can take approximately one week to create. Please keep this timeframe in mind. 

Necklaces are shipped with an 30" silver plated chain.  If you would like a different length, please let me know.

The size of the item will vary - hotter cities/towns tend to be bigger then colder cities/towns. Perth as an example is roughly 5cm by 5cm. If you're not sure, please get in touch to confirm sizings.

Weight: 30 g
The colour of the main piece