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Alcohol molecule necklace

Purple alcohol molecule necklace
Black alcohol pendant with no chainRed alcohol molecule necklace

Crankybot loves alcohol - in moderation of course! This alcohol necklace is comprised of the ethanol molecule, with a molecular formula of C2H60. Crankybot likes the quirkness of this molecule - particularly the last little 'kick' of the final OH group.

It also seems that humankind has had alcohol around for a long time - alcohol was apparently located on 9,000 year old pottery found in China!

This necklace is laser cut from one piece of 3mm acrylic and measures about 3.0cm wide x 4.0cm tall. The molecule pendant is attached to a 18" silver plated necklace chain. It comes in a CrankyBot gift bag.

Weight: 30 g
The colour of the main piece