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Mother Duck brooch

Mother duck brooch

CrankyBot likes ducks. Especially tasty (but cute) puddle ducks.

Mother Duck is modelled on real life Mother Duck - a 17 year old Peking Duck who lives in Perth, Australia, with the mother-in-law of CrankyBot's human. Mother Duck used to head up a family five ducks in total, over 15 years. Unfortunately, four of the ducks have passed on but Mother Duck is still keeping the mother-in-law company.

This Mother Duck brooch is laser cut from 3mm white acrylic, measures about 4.8cm wide x 4.5cm tall and has a silver toned brooch bar pin.Mother Duck is engraved and hand painted, so each piece is unique! :) Due to the handmade nature of this piece, very slight variations may occur from the item pictured.

Weight: 30 g