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The Clifford Ampersand necklace

Blue Clifford Ampersand necklace
Yellow Clifford Ampersand necklaceRed Clifford Ampersand necklaceBlack Clifford Ampersand necklaceWhite Clifford Ampersand necklace

CrankyBot likes ampersands and he really likes this particular one. It's elegant like the way well structured programming code should be. CrankyBot also likes how it's used to join things. CrankyBot doesn't want people to know that he has a bit of a soft spot for whimsical typography, in particular the lovely curl of this ampersand.

This necklace is laser cut from one piece of 3mm acrylic and measures about 3cm wide x 2.6cm tall. The ampersand is attached to an 18" silverplated chain with a spring clasp. All artwork is originally designed and crafted in CrankyBot's home studio in Canberra, Australia.

Weight: 30 g
The colour of the main piece